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Being a Spiritual Advisor, Pranic Healer, Energy Worker, and Ordained Minister has changed my life. My mission is to assist you to have a more harmonious life. Some of the areas that cause disharmony include stress, anxiety, addictions, lifestyle changes, relationship issues, depression, family dynamics, and loss.  All of these temporary situations can be manageable with the tools needed to do so. Life tends to present challenges for everyone, and I am here to guide you through these phases. 

Light, Love, and Peace,

Dawn Pikowski

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Life presents us with many obstacles and challenges. My goal is to help facilitate an understanding that everything happens for a reason. I would like to serve as a guide through your own personal journey. I hope to help you ignite your inner spark no matter what your current outside circumstances may be. We all know that life can become somewhat challenging. With a solid foundation, inner strength, and fortitude you can overcome any perceived roadblocks. Together you and I will build upon these skills. Through our work your light can shine brightly once again.